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A great kit for those larger parties at home or experimenting before launching Bubble Tea into your business menu.


8 Cream flavored powders of your choice (Approx. 17 serving each)

2 Refined cream powder.

1 bag of JUMBO tapioca Pearls. (Approx. 80 servings)

1 bulk coconut jelly.

1 bulk popping boba.

 5 bags of fat straws.

1 plastic cocktail shakers.

1 plastic scooper.

1 metal Tapioca Pearls strainer

3 bags of Black Tea (1oz bag).

3 bags of Green Tea (1oz bag).


Note: Indicate all your flavor choices in the "comments area" when you cash out of your shopping cart. Otherwise, we will include all all the popular flavors on the market.