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Instant Mixes

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Our specially formulated Green Tea, Black Tea, and International Series instant mixes are carefully portioned to bring out the refreshing tastes of a perfect Bubble Tea Drink. Our easy to follow directions will guide you through the step-by-step process. All you need is water, A Cocktail Shaker or Ice Blender and you too can prepare your favorite Bubble Tea drink just like the professionals. FREE SHIPPING to the USA for orders over $199 when you order online. Order now while special offer still last!

Instant Mixes   Green Tea Latte Series

$14.49 2.2 pound bag
Vanilla Cantaloupe
Passion Fruit Sweet Coconut
Pudding Sesame
Wild Blueberry Cafe Mocha
Pineapple Pina Colada
Kiwi Fruit Green Tea
Taro Honeydew
Papaya Mango
Star fruit Green Apple
Green Bean Red Bean
Sweet Watermelon  

Black Tea Latte Series   Black Tea Latte Series

$14.49 2.2 pound bag
Green Apple Lychee
Milk Tea Peach
Taro Coconut
Honeydew Mango
Papaya Strawberry

International Series   International Series

$14.49 2.2 pound bag
Peaches-n-Creme Strawberry/Banana
Chocolate Delight Hawaiian Baby Coconut
Strawberry Supreme Banana Blast
Lychee Mango Durian Queen
Minty Chocolate Rich Avacado
Pina Colada Baby Coconut
Jackfruit Madness Guava
Soursop Oreo
Blue Raspberry  

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